• Vena

Experimenting with Clay

My need to get my hands a little dirty and to smell some clay and paint has led me to a new found obsession. You know I'm always having to try something different. If you are a creative like me you know we aren't happy unless we are making something and exploring new ways to make art.

This past couple of weeks I got out my polymer clay stash I hadn't touched in years and began to play. I started making clay blanks that I could paint on with my watercolors. I live in a beautiful area and I needed another way to express my art other than by photography. After much trial and error, I've released my first little watercolor paintings on clay. These are meant to be fun, whimsical and a simple expression of my love of life and what I see around me.

My photography lovers, not to worry, I've got my photography ready to release on clay pendants next week!

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