I'm what is called a "creative". I live to create beautiful little things. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth; I was born with a paint brush! From the beginning of life, there was no other path for me other than one that entailed making things. I love to create and that is how I spend my life. I don't have one medium I prefer, because I do any and everything that involves creating something from nothing. Whether I'm taking photographs, drawing illustrations, designing patterns or whatever else that suits my fancy, I create in hopes of putting a smile on someones face. 

Thank you for viewing my art. I hope it put a smile on your face.

My photographs are all originals that were taken on my daily journey through life. I take pride in sharing these images with you. When you purchase a photograph from me you can rest assured there is no other like it. My photographs are printed with inks and professional archival photo paper and canvas designed to resist fading and last a lifetime.

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